“What can a Life Coach, Mindfulness Life Coach or Mindfulness Coach do for me?” A lot– starting with awareness.

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I’ve been asked a lot lately what a Life Coach does and how that is different from a Mindfulness Life Coach, or even a Mindfulness Coach? “And by the way,” they ask, “What can one do for me?” Let me offer you my take on the differentiation, as I offer these services to my clients.

Enter Life Coaching

Life Coaches, in the traditional sense, work with individuals on various areas of life which the clients hold valuable. We work with people to look at the overall big picture of their lives, and then zoom in on a smaller piece that may need a refresh. We co-actively work with clients to help them find purpose and joy with work and life balance. We assist clients in breaking through obstacles that prevent them from attaining goals in any area, or stretching to that next level of living by their values. Perhaps goal setting is needed, so we work with clients to identify their goals, the actions they need to take, and then hold them accountable. If an intended goal is not achieved, we ask what prevented the client from realizing it, and ask if the obstacle is worth exploring.

Many times, we will recommend a strengths approach to forward any action– we encourage you to access your strengths- what is strong in you, and apply the strength to stretch. If your obstacle involves the dreaded “inner critic”, we work with you using various tools to overcome or understand this aspect of yourself differently.

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We may ask you to identify aspects of your life categorically, having you acknowledge those areas, and rate your satisfaction with how satisfied you are within each category. We ask you how you might improve any given area.  Again, we co-actively work with you to find and strengthen your intuition, and begin clarifying steps/actions you believe will help you get to where you want to be. And then, once more, we hold you accountable.

When you reach a given goal, we acknowledge your efforts and persistence. We recommend you take in that good feeling, staying with it a little longer (reinforces nerve pathways in brain). Perhaps even celebrate. After all, in the end it’s not just the destination that counts, but the journey that counts. Acknowledgement and celebration are an important part of it.

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Mindfulness Life Coaching

A Mindfulness Life Coach may approach things similarly, and add a component of mindfulness-awareness of your direct experience in a given moment. We have you assess your strengths, and then encourage you to know what those strengths feel like in your body, aligning your mind and body.  We ask how you might want to feel once your goal is reached, again verbalizing the desired physical and emotion state. And then we ask how you might get there with action or even a change in perspective.

As a traditional Life Coach, we recommend you to use strengths not only to overcome obstacles, but also in daily life, noticing more about your direct experiences when you do. By checking in with your awareness of how the mind, body, heart is “feeling” at any given time, and you begin to notice more in general.

Awareness, Intuition, Accountability

Sometimes thoughts and emotions can be the obstacles (i.e. limiting beliefs and inner critics). We ask you to notice, acknowledge and identify what is arising, encourage you to allow it instead of resisting. With that shift we ask what do you notice now? We encourage strengthening your intuition by asking what needs to happen next, and have you map out a plan of action. Once completed, now what do you notice? As with traditional life coaching, you may gain insight and perspective with this method, not only into your life but into your being.

Many times our thoughts and emotions can be limiting, and have a direct affect our bodies. In bringing mindfulness to a situation, we focus attention on an issue. We step away from automatic pilot and pause, being with the issue seeing it for what it is, and then letting go. In doing this, we free up our resources (cognitively, physically, emotionally) to continue on to that next step with clarity and perhaps some overall calmness.  Mindfulness Life Coaching encourages you to set the map of your own journey according to your heart, and notice what happens along the way, as an observer and then as an active participant– repeating this healthy cycle of being.


A Mindfulness Coach

A Mindfulness Coach can work with you to bring more engagement to all aspects of your life. Encouraging you with practices, we help you live more day to day aware and appreciative, bringing more details to the layers of life’s fabric. This allows you to pause and choose a response rather than a reaction. 

Awareness, Engagement & Meditation
Mindfulness Coaches can help you design a meditation practice that works for you and your lifestyle. Meditation, or mind training, can happen sitting on a cushion, or in a chair, as well as laying down, standing and moving.

We may share knowledge about mindful living and encourage you to create your own mindfulness applications. This happens by slowing down to notice your direct experience through sensations, thoughts , and emotions involved. Be it  opening mail, reacting to phone notifications or events on your calendar, to driving to your next destination. Once you bring awareness and notice, you begin to break down events into phases and see them more clearly. You also begin to notice the nature of your thinking, judging mind, its’ preoccupation with doing, and attachment to how things should be.

Mindfulness-Based Initiatives

Mindfulness Coaches may specialize in initiatives such as stress-reduction, self-compassion, eating and living, parenting, relationships and communication, for example. Mindfulness can be exercised in formal meditation, informal practices and daily life situations.

Why bother with any of this?

What science knows about mindfulness and meditation is that they are not only good for our bodies and minds to slow down and focus on the present moment, they are good for our overall well-being and even the well-being of others.

What science knows about coaching is that obstacles are easier to break through and change is more likely to occur with support of another. What matters is the support you perceive, and feel. When that other person works with you, listens to you and encourages you to listen to yourself– the possibilities are endless!

So whether you need a Life Coach, Mindfulness Life Coach or Mindfulness Coach, know that your investment in your well-being is priceless and deserved simply because you ARE!

Want more information?

Feel free to contact me via email or phone if you wish to explore these ideas further. Take a look at the services I offer, or think about enrolling in a mindfulness-based application/initiative course I offer.

Until the next post, be well and be mindful!

2 Comments on ““What can a Life Coach, Mindfulness Life Coach or Mindfulness Coach do for me?” A lot– starting with awareness.”

  1. Janet Gawander says:

    Excellent thank you so very much. I can’t describe how beneficial reading your article has been. Feels like a godsend. So timely. You write so beautifully and eloquently. Wishing you a wonderful and blessed 2017. Janet

    • BeingMerry says:

      Thank you, Janet! I am glad the words resonated with you at a time that you needed them. I do feel blessed to be able to share my perspective, and ask those powerful questions that help others trust in their intuition. May 2017 bring you exactly what you need! With a deep bow, Merry

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