24-Day Gratitude Challenge… are you up to cultivating greater well-being this holiday season?

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So, the challenge is on. Do you have what it takes to bring gratitude into your life for 24 days straight?  Imagine how your well-being would improve, the fitness of your mind, body and spirit, by attending to and reflecting on one thing/person/place for which you are thankful each day? What might you notice if you do? Join me and we’ll find out together.

Science tells us that gratitude can energize, heal and transform… on all levels from the macro or society at large, to the micro or at the cellular level.  Gratitude can improve our well-being as seen in our emotion states, thought states, and body states. Bringing more gratitude into our lives can bring a boost to our immune systems and as well as our ability to be compassionate.

But don’t take my word for it… try it out yourself and see what it does for you. Check out the Beingmerrycom page on Facebook, and the 24-Gratitude Challenge Event. Submit your posts and we’ll put you in a drawing to win a BeingMerry.com t-shirt!

And remember, live for today. Your time is NOW!


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