Continuing the Gratitude in Daily Life

thankyou-jpgIn November, I ran the 24-day mindful Gratitude Challenge, offering a new gratitude practice each day on which to focus. These practices were mindfully based, and when practiced, can open up your internal resources and world as well! I encourage you to continue to practice gratitude daily, as it reminds us of how blessed and connected we are.

With that in mind, I’ve posted the mindful Gratitude Challenge practices in total, and will offer 6 more, adding a new one each day starting 12/25 to continue up to the end of the month and sharing a total of 31 days of Gratitude that you may repeat at your leisure.

I also wanted to share a blog post that I wrote as a guest on the site. This piece was for Thanksgiving, and focuses on gratitude— why it’s important to our well-being at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Check it out — and let me know what you think.

And this year, as you give gifts to your loved ones for the holidays, think about how you may give the gift of gratitude– doesn’t cost much– just acknowledgement of another being!

Be well, and be thankful!


2 Comments on “Continuing the Gratitude in Daily Life”

  1. sydney vale says:

    Thank you Mary. I appreciate all you have done for me in my life on my one hour break of work each week. I have missed you the last several weeks hope all is well. I look forward to seeing you again have a beautiful blessed day

    Sent from my iPhone

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