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Mindfulness Meditations | Growing Gratitude | Mindful Self-Compassion | Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness Meditations

Drop-in Mindfulness Meditations

Mindfulness and mindfulness meditations have found their way into the mainstream public, but have you tried them yourself? It’s not too late to start, especially if your life and/or mind are too busy. By attending this class you will learn about mindfulness, as well as it’s benefits and obstacles to practicing. You will be guided through various meditations that can support you relating to life, stress, yourself and others in a new way. Increase your well-being as you increase your presence, awareness, focus, and concentration. Learn how to slow down and notice the moments in your life.

Growing Gratitude

We’ve all heard the phrase “count your blessings.” But did you know counting your blessings can actually improve your health physically, emotionally, and socially? This series will show you how gratitude can make you healthier and stronger. Experience evidence-based practices and meditations you can incorporate into your life immediately and share with friends and family so they too can grow healthier. Science shows that gratitude works and it’s not just for Thanksgiving anymore!

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