Professional Coaching

Whether you are looking to increase work/life integration, concentration and focus, purpose and meaning or happiness in life, I will work with you co-actively to make your ideal state a reality! Contact me today to get started on living your best life– wherever you are!

I’ve coached for over 10 years and have worked with business executives and leaders: new managers, supervisors, and individual contributors. I can assist you with finding balance in your well-being, identifying what is important to you (values) and building goals and actionable steps to live in alignment with them. We can work on cultivating qualities that all successful leaders must possess these days: emotional intelligence, self-awareness, empathy and compassion, and focus. I also specialize in the following:

Work-Life Balance/Integration

During this pandemic, your work and home life blurred. You may find it difficult to switch off focusing on your work “to-do” list and be present with your loved ones or other areas of your life that are important to you. I can assist you with setting boundaries: saying no to excess work and saying yes to the other facets of your being and family. We start by looking at what is out of balance and your ideal situation for living a meaningful life.

Stress Reduction

Though we might not be able to eliminate stress complete (and some stress is good– to help motivate us to act), and we cannot control everything in the world, we can control how we respond to it wisely. Working together, we can identify where the stress is coming from and your general reaction to it. We can then look for opportunities to disrupt the cycle and begin new behaviors and choices that are more effective and healthy. I teach stress reduction and assisting others to transform from stressed to blessed. I am also a trained teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion.

Increase Focus, Concentration, Awareness and Presence

With mindfulness gaining a lot of attention as a way to build resilience and awareness, many people confuse it with being only about meditation. While meditation is a formal practice of mindfulness, it is not the only practice that can bring the desired results of calm, inner peace, concentration and focus. Other informal mindfulness practices exist, and together, we can identify which ones might work in your personality, routine and life to support your well-being with both physical and mental health.

I am a certified coach in wellness and mindfulness and a trained teacher of various mindfulness-based applications.

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