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Live your BEST LIFE starting Today! Your Time is NOW!

We offer three coaching programs from which to choose, to help you find well-being, balance and a sense of purpose or clarity. Within each program we use mindfulness, wellness and life coaching tools, activities and exercises to propel you forward to how you want to live your life “Being”.Contact Merry now to book a complimentary session and start your journey to your authentic self!


Merry will take you through one month of coaching to wake up, step off autopilot and begin to live your life in the present moment. Increase your awareness of what it means to be you; within your body, mind and spirit. Identify your strengths, dreams, challenges, and resources. Learn how to build resilience applying evidence-based tools and increase your happiness and satisfaction with life. Included in this program:

  • Four 1-hour sessions over phone, skype, or in person if in San Diego
  • Recordings of the sessions
  • Access to tools
  • Access to activities to move you toward your desired state
  • A strengths report, noting how to apply during different situations
  • A source to which you’ll be accountable

Cost: $500


In this three month coaching program you’ll increase awareness, and bring balance and harmony to your life.  Merry will take you through the BeingAwake coaching program, and work with you to rediscover your values and recommit to them.  Together we will work on a personalized plan to address how you may meet your needs in life, in alignment with your values. We’ll identify the areas of life with which you’d like to improve your relationship. Included in the program are numerous exercises for growth and transformation.  What you can expect from this program:

  • Twelve 1-hour sessions over phone, skype or in person if in San Diego.
  • Recordings of the sessions
  • Access to tools
  • Access to activities and exercises to move you toward your desired state
  • A strengths report, noting how to apply during different situations
  • Identification of your values and how they fit into your life plan
  • A personalized plan to address meeting your needs
  • A source to which you’ll be accountable

Cost: $1300

Being3C: Curious, Creative & ClearView More:

This six months coaching program supports you in cultivating the 3 Big C’s in life:  curiosity, creativity and clarity. You will gain an appreciation for your journey, bringing curiosity to investigating values along with life purpose. Turn your ideas of what you dream of doing into actual reality, applying your strengths, creativity and focusing with clarity. You will be taken through the BeingAwake and BeingBalanced programs, and receive a personalized plan for you to transform your relationship with the present moment and your well-being.  In this program, you can expect all that is included in the BeingAwake and BeingBalanced programs, plus:

  • Cultivating gratitude, curiosity, creativity and focus
  • Personalized plan for relationship transformation
  • Personalized well-being plan

Cost: $2500

Hear what clients have to say about Coaching with Merry:

“Merry’s style is reflective, intuitive and creative! Merry has an incredible way of staying in the present moment. with the ability to adapt to discoveries that unfold and support connecting the dots back to the goal of the call. My learnings during my coaching time with Merry were transformational and exponential. If you would like to dig deep and explore in a safe and supportive environment – Merry is the coach for you!”                                     – S.N.,  Austin, TX

“Merry is such a great coach. She helped me to become so much more aware of my unconscious behavior and move into more mindfulness. Her light but firm touch guided me to making commitments to myself that I could keep in a fun and exciting way.”          -M.M., Corinth, NY

“I would recommend Merry to individuals seeking a coach who has a friendly, collaborative coaching style and who incorporates play and guided exercises to help them achieve their goals, particularly around health and wellness.”                                    -S.P., Fairfield, CA

Designated by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Certified Life Coach, abiding by ICF standards of ethics. All sessions are confidential.


Certified in Life & Wellness Coaching by Mentor, and Mindfulness &  Wellness by the Mindfulness Coaching School.


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