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Mindful Life Coaching

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Gain control over the life you are living, right now. Increase your engagement in life, tune into your intuition and cultivate gratitude and satisfaction with your relationships. Merry will help you shift areas of your life from auto-pilot to front-wheel drive, as you begin to make choices aligned with your values. Together, we can shift your mindset from fixed to one of growth and possibilities.

Coaching from a mindfulness standpoint, I will encourage you to notice your internal and external worlds and build awareness around your mind, body and spirit. I will introduce techniques you can use immediately to tap into your intuition and wisdom, strengthening what is alive in you, and allow you to CHOOSE your responses in life.

We can focus and bring more awareness to your life in different domains, such as: eating, relationships, stress management, communication, self-care and more.

Hear what clients have to say about Coaching with Merry:

“Merry’s style is reflective, intuitive and creative! Merry has an incredible way of staying in the present moment. with the ability to adapt to discoveries that unfold and support connecting the dots back to the goal of the call. My learnings during my coaching time with Merry were transformational and exponential. If you would like to dig deep and explore in a safe and supportive environment – Merry is the coach for you!”                                     – S.N.,  Austin, TX

“Merry is such a great coach. She helped me to become so much more aware of my unconscious behavior and move into more mindfulness. Her light but firm touch guided me to making commitments to myself that I could keep in a fun and exciting way.”          -M.M., Corinth, NY

Wellness Coaching

cropped-merry-portraits-00651.jpgHow do you rate yourself on the wellness scale? Do you give an equal amount of time and attention to working out your body, mind AND spirit? What about stress and rest? Where  do they fit into your life? What about play, fun, creativity and connectedness?

Many people are waking up from auto-pilot and choosing to bring awareness to their overall health– and the trinity of body, mind and spirit. These people are attempting to find balance or harmony by asking hard questions about self-care.

Wellness of the Body

Body wellness involves harmonizing activity and rest, fuel and mindset to function optimally. When our bodies break down via stress, illness or injury  we typically seek medical attention. Generally, our physical body is the first thing we take care of. How well are you taking care of harmonizing within your body?

Wellness of the Mind

Mind wellness  involves activity, rest, and mindset to optimally function (even fuel can influence the state of our minds). We don’t usually notice our minds breaking down until we are overwhelmed, stressed or have a breakdown— snap at the smallest things, ruminate over the way things should be, and blow things out of proportion. Generally, our minds are the second thing we take care of, unless our minds are so cluttered or we only live in our heads, and ignore our bodies. How are you taking care of your mind?  Meditation? Rest? Intellectual engagement? Creative endeavors?

Wellness of the Spirit

View More: wellness involves bringing joy, happiness, compassion, gratitude and other positive states into your life just because. We don’t pay too much attention to spirit wellness until we realize our vision or passion is waning. Or when we realize the energy has gone out of our step, or the things that were once enjoyable are no longer. A disruption of spirit can lead to illness in mind and body: depression, and chronic conditions. What are you doing to keep your spirit healthy? How are you caring for your spirit?

As implied, wellness is about self-care: taking care of the mind, body and spirit that you have been given. What does your wellness or self-care plan look like?

Contact Merry, and together we can devise a personalized wellness plan just for you, to meet your goals.  Keep in mind, what you focus on grows? What will grow for you today? On what will you focus?

Spring Cleaning Packages

Spring is here and with that, it’s time to clear out what is no longer serving you, and adopt a new way: one with simple awareness. But what will that look like for you? Work with me to discover this simple awareness and gain clarity around that which you wish to change. Together, we will discover blocks you are hitting, preventing you from reaching your goals. Together we will cultivate wisdom as you begin to ask, “what do I need next ?”  Cultivating wisdom in yourself happens by slowing down enough to pause and clearly see your choices.

This special will continue in the Spring of 2017:

  • 1 hour coaching: $125 normal price; spring cleaning price  $100
  • 4 1-hour coaching: $500 normal price; spring cleaning price of  $400

Coaching is generally done via the phone, skype or zoom. If in the San Diego area, we could arrange to meet face to face as well.

Keep in mind, most of the time we need more than 1 session or a month of sessions to change a behavior that is wired into your nature. Contact Merry for a free 30-minute consultation to assess what you may need and what area of your life you wish to declutter first. What will you notice when you begin to live your life more mindfully with a sense of balance and control?

Designated by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Certified Life Coach, abiding by ICF standards of ethics. All sessions are confidential.


Certified in Life & Wellness Coaching by Mentor, and Mindfulness &  Wellness by the Mindfulness Coaching School.


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