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Are you wanting to live a more healthy, rewarding, and flourishing life?  What needs to happen to do that? Where do you feel the need to grow or change? Mind, body, spirit or purpose? Relationships with others? The relationship with yourself?  Where do you start to nourish yourself with what you need? Where do you begin to make it happen?

Perhaps the first place to start is meeting yourself right where you sand

Awareness and acceptance are vital to the change process. Without knowing where you are, what you want to change and accepting it now, there is no way to stretch to that next stage of growth of where you want to be.

Perhaps the second step is identifying the support you need to get there.

Working through change or wanting to stretch to a new version of yourself can be rewarding, and yet daunting. Working with a coach can provide you the support you need to transform, bringing clarity, breaking barriers, shifting perspectives and unlocking your potential.

Perhaps the third step is working with me as your coach, to co-actively forward your actions.

View More: me to work with you through this creative process, and help you intentionally rediscover your inner wisdom. I will support you in gaining awareness, generating solutions, and establishing new mindful routines, behaviors and ways of being. I will ask questions that uncover answers in alignment with your needs and values. Together, we will cultivate within you a wellness of mind, heart/spirit and body, and as I hold you accountable to forward the action, your well-being will flourish.

What I am willing to do as your coach:

  • I will help you identify and leverage your core strengths, and prepare your sails for navigating change.
  • I will mindfully communicate directly, to help you discover possibilities, refresh your perspective, and design actions that use your strengths to grow.
  • I will coach using the ICF code of ethics, and all our conversations will be confidential to ensure that the container and space I hold for you are safe.

What you need to be willing to do as my client:

  • investigate and answer, speaking from your own truth—focusing on your needs, values, goals, strengths, and wisdom.
  • Listen mindfully to your intuition, and question judgments, limited beliefs and attitudes that do not serve you.
  • Stretch yourself, taking the leap from the possible to reality, and growing compassion for yourself along the way through set-ups and successes.
  • Cultivate mindful attitudes to support a lower level of reactivity, and a higher level of self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-efficacy.
“The journey of 1000 miles

begins with

a single step.”

~Lao Tzu


Contact me now to book a complimentary session and start your transformation toward your best self.

Testimonials:  Hear what clients say about coaching with Merry

“Merry’s style is reflective, intuitive and creative! Merry has an incredible way of staying in the present moment. with the ability to adapt to discoveries that unfold and support connecting the dots back to the goal of the call. My learnings during my coaching time with Merry were transformational and exponential. If you would like to dig deep and explore in a safe and supportive environment – Merry is the coach for you!” – S.N., Austin, TX

“Merry is such a great coach. She helped me to become so much more aware of my unconscious behavior and move into more mindfulness. Her light but firm touch guided me to making commitments to myself that I could keep in a fun and exciting way.” -M.M., Corinth, NY

“I would recommend Merry to individuals seeking a coach who has a friendly, collaborative coaching style and who incorporates play and guided exercises to help them achieve their goals, particularly around health and wellness.” -S.P., Fairfield, CA

Designated by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an ACC. Certified Mentor Coach (CMC), Certified Wellness Coach (CWC), and Certified Mindfulness Coach (CMC).

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