Divorce Coaching

View More: http://angieafmanphotography.pass.us/merryportraitsAre you going through the process of dissolving your marriage, and realize you need more help besides legal? Are you in the midst of relationship upheaval and realize you need to start with mending yourself first? Has your personal world turned upside down from the natural disaster of a divorce, and now find yourself rebuilding internally—but this time from a new? If you answered yes to any of these questions, know that you are not alone and that you can make it through to your new future, one breath at a time, and with the support of someone who has been in your shoes… me.

“One breath at a time” is how I approached life after my marriage of 18+ years crumbled. Today, after 5 years of the divorce process, I realize there are so many resources available that those going through this that they may not know about. Two of the most overlooked resources are our own inner wisdom and values. At times, the inner wisdom is clogged and hazy due to what the chaos left behind. Or our values have been dismissed or manipulated that we are forgetful of them as well. Yet, when these two concepts are aligned, flourishing begins to happen as well as post traumatic growth!

trustContact me now for a free phone consultation and let me work with you to build the best version of yourself possible. Gain insight and clarity into those things you find important and focus on where you want to be as you accept where you are now. Let me help you chart a course for post traumatic growth, and mindful living and dreaming, with your eyes wide open and your heart strong.

In our phone or skype sessions, I will use evidence-based methods and tools from the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness and life coaching. I will help you regain your strengths (literally), and tackle what needs to be tackled in order to make room for the new. Together, we will co-actively clear the clutter and create white space for breathing, as well as practices that will allow you to begin to respond intentionally instead of reacting emotionally.  What have you got to loose? Only the best version of yourself possible! 

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