Retreats involve a time and space to reset, restore, and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.  Unplug now, and give back your life to yourself! Consider attending a ONE-DAY retreat either at the Lavender Farm or Beach. Topics range from mindful living, self-care, self-compassion and mindfulness in general, to the mental habits of happiness that include cultivating gratitude, savoring and positivity into your mindset and lifestyle.
At the retreat, discover how to reset your life and your immune system at the same time. Science shows mindfulness can rewire our brains to decrease stress and our reaction to it, and increase our compassion, psychological states and overall satisfaction with life. Knowing that we are in charge of our own wellness is the first step. Taking realistic steps to increase our well-being is the next. Happiness and life satisfaction are within reach, if we only stretch ourselves to the next level, intentionally!
Here are a couple of testimonials from the last two retreats in July and November 2015. The retreat focus: It’s All About the Selfie: Cultivating Self-care, Self-love and Self-compassion in your daily life!

The Selfie retreat was exactly what I needed to gain awareness and insight into happiness and self-love. I learned so much from Merry and will continue to practice self-compassion with the tools I learned at the retreat. I can’t wait to attend another amazing event! Thank you, Merry!!

–Natalee B., San Diego, CA

I loved this retreat! I felt rejuvenated.I left with tools I can use every day. I was a good reminder that we have to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others. Thanks Merry!

–Heidi F., San Diego, CA

Merry what a fabulous place “Keys Creek” Lavender Farm it was the perfect spot for this retreat! Thank you so much for getting it together and giving us a day to remember. The gift bags, lunch, tour, and great women. You should give yourself a hug because you are special. Thanks for the memories Merry!

–Deborah Z., San Diego, CA

Photos from the last two “Selfie” Retreats:

Mindful Movement/Yoga by the pool



Labyrinth Meditation Time



aats lunch

Mindful Lunch

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