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View More: is my purpose to help others access their inner wisdom and guide them in exploring their inner resources. Along the way, I assist uncovering the internal energy that can stretch one to that next level.  It is my purpose to share tools that allows us to wake up to this life we have. I change the world one person, one conversation, one breath at a time. Are you ready to have that conversation?

We start with you, meeting you exactly where you are, to become the wisest, most resourceful and healthiest version of  yourself possible. As a Mindful Life and Wellness Coach, as well as a teacher of mindful  initiatives, I offer coaching and classes to meet this need.

If you are interested in changing the world, as I am, you start with changing yourself into who you really are. can assist you and/or your organization to improve your health, happiness, well-being and satisfaction with life. We offer access to resources and tools, and work with you to sharpen your intuition by teaching you how to pay attention to your mind/body/heart system in this present moment.  In doing so, you gain clarity and access to your inner wisdom.

Our coaching programs provide guidance to help you explore and achieve living your best life. We can work with you to identify your strengths, values and passion. And then support you in meeting your goals, however you define them. Start now: BeingAwake, BeingBalanced, or Being3C: Curious, Creative and Clear.

Our classes and experiential workshops  range from mindfulness meditation and stress reduction, to mindful eating and self-compassion. These experiences are offered to individuals and onsite to organizations.

Check out the guided meditations as a sample of what we provide. Additionally, you might find our blog post on current well-being topics helpful as well.

Begin today by contacting Merry to determine the next step in supporting yourself and awakening to this journey called life.

Bring more awareness into your life starting today…

with the health of your mind, body and heart!

Wake up to your life. Your time is NOW.

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