Reduce your reaction to stress, gain a handle on work-life balance, and find inner peace and wisdom!

I’m Merry Woodruff, Professional Certified Coach. If you want to reduce stress and your reactions to it, focus at work and home more effectively, and gain clarity around what really matters, then we really need to chat.

The one constant in life is change. With change comes stress. With stress, we can let our reactions rule us or we can choose our responses. When we let our reactions rule us, we might find ourselves ruminating and falling into thinking traps of fortune telling or black and white thinking. We might find our minds spinning, distracting you from staying focused on what really matters. The fear of failure, or not missing out or simple getting caught in the busy-ness seems to keep you in this cycle.

NOW: Imagine a day where you awake, and choose your response. You start by welcoming change with curiosity– allowing it to unfold, holding in the forefront what is important, and displaying an unwavering confidence to trust in yourself to use the right tools when you need them. Imagine taking control in the way you respond to change, with calm, clarity and strength.

YOUR NEXT STEP: Give yourself the care you deserve. Work with me to gain clarity and live your life with intention. Let me assist you in rediscovering your toolbox, adding some new tools, supporting you in being intentional! Imagine going from StReSsEd to “blessed.”

I’VE BEEN THERE: In your shoes…. I was a working mother and wife, raising a family, going 100 miles a hour in life, trying to fit it all in and finding myself last on my list. Going through a divorce from a long-term marriage was the catalyst for me to push “pause” and begin to reset. As a result, I was able to discover how to reduce stress, increase my self-compassion, and strengthen my resiliency. I tapped into inner wisdom and found a way to align my mind, body, and spirit. It is my calling to work with others as a thought partner to reset themselves, reduce stress, increase self-compassion and strengthen resilience. There is a way you can live in alignment with what is important. Life is the Curriculum, never to be mastered and always to be practiced or lived!

If you are ready… and if you dare become the person you were meant to be, contact me to set up a strategy session. Together, we will figure out your real challenge, what you want to happen in life, and what actions or mindsets can you apply to influence the course of your life.

I’m a Certified Mentor Coach, Life and Wellness Coach| Mentor Coachand Certified Mindfulness & Wellness Coach | Mindfulness Coaching School

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