Live for Today! Your time is NOW…

Does this sound like you? merry-portraits-0012.jpg

  • Living your life on auto-pilot, going from one destination or project to another without pausing to ask, “Why am I doing this again? What is this all for?” Or that vital question, “Am I happy and fulfilled?”
  • Ending your days, weeks or months wondering, “Where did the time go?” And, though you accomplished much in that time, you are left missing something.
  • Feeling the brunt of stress in your body, or in your ever-wandering and hard-to-focus fragmented mind.
  • Searching for clarity or a new purpose to bring meaning, yet afraid of letting go of the known and not sure where to begin.
  • Wanting to make some healthy changes, yet feel blocked by your inner critic who likes to remind you of unsuccessful past attempts.
  • Holding on to foundational  beliefs set in childhood that cloud your motivation and no longer serve you.

If these scenarios sound like you, know that you are not alone. Many of us navigate these challenging scenes some point in our lives. The good news is, you’ve landed in a safe port: one that will support your intentional discovery of a path set by you; a path to health and happiness.

Welcome to, where we focus on well-being while cultivating harmony and balance in life. We do this by attending to one breath, conversation, question, step and goal at a time.


Within this space are wellbeing resources aimed to improve your relationship with the present moment. As you increase your attention in the present and clarify what is important to you, you increase your attention to live a life of purpose and balance.

Start by meeting yourself exactly where you are and allow us to work with you to become the wisest, most resourceful and healthiest version of yourself. Anchor yourself in your own being.

Begin today by contacting Merry to determine the next step in supporting and investing in yourself, and awakening to this journey called life.

Bring more awareness into your life starting today…

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