Being Well… Being merry… Being You!

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Are you living your life on a treadmill, where you are going 100 miles an hour, yet are stuck in the same place? Do you find your days and life passing you by and missing moments because you were too “busy”? Are you transitioning to an empty nest, or retirement? What will you now do with your time? Where will you start?

Transitions… How do you make a transition when it’s so daunting? If you have someone to help, by expanding your perspective, then it can be the catalyst that will lead you to your best self. Sometimes we can even be that support to ourselves, if we don’t beat ourselves up first!
Change starts with the awareness of what is happening right now… and knowing that you wish for things to be different. Meeting yourself where you are and realizing where you want to be is the first step to living an authentic life.
Take a look around to see what tools and services might be helpful for your transition. Whether it be coaching one-on-one, attending a mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, or self-compassion class, or participating in a retreat there’s something for everyone to support your journey.

I hold a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of California @ San Diego, a Master’s in Education from San Diego State University, an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation from the International Coach Federation as a Life Coach, and certification as a Mindfulness and Wellness Coach from the Mindfulness Coaching School, and as a Wellness Coach as well from My mindfulness-based application training I received from the UCSD Center for Mindfulness, Mindfulness-based Professional Training Institute. HOWEVER, my biggest life lessons have happened outside of the classroom, and in the real world, with my career, kids and family.  Peruse this site to learn more.

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One Comment on “Being Well… Being merry… Being You!”

  1. Bill Wollrab says:

    I saw your Meet Up post and would like to discuss with you.

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