Stop reacting on auto-pilot and letting your schedule or emotions rule you, reduce stress and live more fully.

I’m Merry Woodruff, Mindful Living Coach. If you want to reduce stress and your reactions to it, increase your presence in your life and with those you love and gain clarity around what really matters, then let’s talk about how I can help.

The one constant in life is change. With change comes stress. And with stress, you begin the rumination cycle asking questions like: “What will happen next? What might happen if? How will I meet this challenge? What if this is the wrong thing to do?” Perhaps a multitude of far-fetched and highly unlikely scenarios begin to appear and take you off track, obscuring your ability to see clearly. It’s like notifications blowing up your cell phone, distracting you from staying focused and doing what really matters. The fear of missing out or not keeping up seems to bog you down.

NOW: Imagine a day where you awake, welcoming change with curiosity– allowing it to unfold, holding in the forefront what is important, and displaying an unwavering confidence to trust in yourself to use the right tools when you get there. Imagine taking control of what you respond to and the way in which you respond– with calm, clarity and strength.

YOUR NEXT STEP: Give yourself the self-care you deserve. Work with me to help you gain clarity and live the life you were meant to live. Allow me to help you rediscover your toolbox, adding some new tools to the mix, and resulting in a new way of being– being you!

I’VE BEEN THERE: In your shoes…. where I was a working mother and wife, raising children and a family, going 100 miles a hour in life, trying to fit it all in and finding myself last on my list and burnt out. Going through a divorce from a long-term marriage was the catalyst to make me push “stop” on the autopilot of the treadmill of life. As a result, I was able to discover tools to reduce stress and increase my self-compassion. I found tools that strengthened my resilience and offered me access into my own inner wisdom. I found a way to wellness by connecting my own mind-body-spirit. I found my calling: to bring the tools of mindfulness and it’s way of “being” to all that are looking for their own truth. I am a coach and teacher, but Life is the Curriculum!

And now I want to bring those tools to you. If you are ready… and if you dare become the person you were meant to be! Contact me now for a strategy session, to figure out how to live intentionally, with meaning and by your values.

I’m a Certified Mentor Coach, Life and Wellness Coach| Mentor Coach


and Certified Mindfulness & Wellness Coach | Mindfulness Coaching School


Associate Certified Coach (ACC)  |  International Coach Federation


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