Merry Woodruff, M.A., Ed., PCC

I’ve transitioned through many of life’s milestones, and these experiences have brought me right here, right now, doing what I am called to do. I am changing the world, one person, breath and conversation at a time through coaching and mentoring.

Of the milestones I’ve experienced, all have prepared me for this role so that I may relate to what you are going through. Be it starting a new career or shifting jobs/industries; raising a family; moving across town or the country; going through divorce and death of loved ones; noticing health changes related to age, changing financial circumstances; and trying to “juggle it all.” I certainly can relate. After all, Life is the curriculum— always giving us something on which to work and learn. Life is not always rosy and we cannot be “merry” all the time. Believe me, I should know. But we can be our authentic selves. We can be mindful of our choices and live by our values. We can “be with” whatever life hands us, and with our hands held open or placed over our hearts, we can find the compassion, strength and wisdom needed to move forward each day, toward our goals, toward our purpose.

These life challenges and transitions are easier to handle when you have a supportive thought partner in your corner, who will ask you tough questions, work with you to seek answers and hold you accountable to your goals. Contact me now, to set up a strategy session, where we will co-actively figure out how to stop the struggle, increase the ease and opportunities and “be with life” experiencing every moment, fully.

Life is meant to be lived– to be experienced. Are you open to the experiences life hands you? Are you inhabiting your mind and body fully? Or are you going through the motions of living? Are you focusing on what is important and what you want to grow? If you are not sure of your answers, and would like to explore with someone who has been there and thrived, contact me now.

What do you plan on doing with your one wild and precious life?

 I am a member of the following organizations:
Training and Education
  • MentorCoach, Life & Wellness Coaching Certification
  • Mindful Coaching School, Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching Certification
  • Life Coaching Credential, International Coach Federation
  • Mindfulness-based Professional Training Institute, Teacher training in Mindful Eating, Mindful Self-Compassion, and Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction
  • University of California, San Diego, BA Psychology
  • San Diego State University, MA Education



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