Surviving the Holidays with Mindfulness and Gratitude

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Looking for tips on how to get through the stress of the holidays? Find yourself with busy schedules, long lists of to-dos, anticipated changes in new ways to be with the holidays, managing relationships and more? Need a reminder on why gratitude is important, and new twists on old practices? Check out a couple of posts I wrote recently or contributed to that speak to all of these situations.

Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season can be found on Hera Herald… the e-news site from HeraHub, co-working space for women. These tips are not only healthy for you, they are mindfully-based… where you can bring your focused attention to the subject, with an open or beginner’s mind, along with non-judgment, patience, and non-striving (letting things unfold as they may).

Interested in Gratitude from another angle? I wrote this piece for the A2ZHealingToolbox for their Thanksgiving edition, focusing on how to employ gratitude during times of loss and grief (family status, job/career, transitions, and death). I list certain practices and put a new spin on some older ideas. Worth a preview at: A2ZHealingToolbox: Thanksgiving: Gratitude .

Check back later this week for links to two more resources from BeingMerry: a guest blog post on Reducing Holiday Stress with Mindfulness, and an article focusing on and The Introduction of Mindfulness-Based Applications to Increase Well-being.

Until then, be well, be merry– and be mindful!


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