Training Your Attention to Focus on What’s Important

shutterstock_338081309As I facilitate mindfulness meditation classes and coach individuals on mindful eating, self-compassion and stress reduction, I’m constantly asked the question, “Which mindfulness program is the best one for me?”  My answer: it depends on that which you wish to focus– the relationship you want to experience differently.  I’ve been asked this question so many times that I wrote an article on it that appears in L’Chaim Magazine this month entitled, “Increasing Your Well-being.” Check it out! But first ask yourself– is there a relationship that I wish to experience differently with: myself, others in communication, food, stress, concentration, relaxation, etc…? If so, perhaps a mindful approach can offer you a different perspective than the one you normally have.

Keep in mind that mindfulness is about attention training. And what we know about our modern world is that our attention is constantly divided and in demand 24/7– as we rapidly shift our tasks (what some call multi-tasking), are asked to be available all the time, and be productive beyond belief. With mindfulness, we bring the intention to slow down, really attend, and recognize reactions and conditioned responses/habits that keep us stuck– from experiencing happiness in this moment.

If you have any questions after reading the piece, contact me. I’d be glad to chat and perhaps look at the current relationship you have with that on which you wish to focus– one that may be out of balance, in need of a refresh, or resulting in reactivity that you experience as unhealthy. Bringing deliberate, focused attention into our lives can allow us to experience greater well-being, and positively influence those around us.

What are you waiting for? ‘Tis the season… to be mindful!

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  1. Sydney says:

    Thank U merry for all u do for others wellbeing xoxo

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